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All Skills Clinics are designed to go fast pace and cover every skill associated with the sport of Volleyball. Coaches will work with all players on passing, setting, overhand serving, and footwork.

Beginner All Skills Clinics: These clinics are designed for the novice level volleyball player and players planning to play in the 12U Club level. All skills will be practiced within the two hours of the clinic, including: passing, hitting, setting, and overhand serving. Coaches will help each player understand how and why we do specific things in the game of volleyball. 

Advanced Beginner All Skills Clinics: This level is for players ages 13u-15u (7th-9th grade) that are new to the sport of volleyball. These players have a low to limited understanding of the sport and are working on developing an understanding of volleyball fundamentals. 

Intermediate All Skills Clinics: This level is for players 14u-17u (8th-11th) with a solid understanding of the basic rules of volleyball. Players begin to practice the practical application of the skills learned as they continue to increase their volleyball IQ, grow their volleyball fundamentals, and increase their skill level. 

Advanced All Skills Clinics: This level is for players ages 15u-18u (9th - 12th grade). Players attending the advanced level clinics should have at least two years of club volleyball experience or three years of school ball experience. They should also have a complete understanding of the basic rules of volleyball and be able to participate in a fast tempo training atmosphere.

All money paid to PAVC is nonrefundable/transferable within 24 hours of scheduled event. Two weeks’ notice is required for a full refund (minus applicable convenience fees), and a 1 week notice to receive transferrable credit to future events. Please contact Cara Martin ( with any questions. 

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