Precision Academy - Texas 2023 to 2024 Sartartia Middle School (View Map)

The Precision Academy program focuses on the basic fundamentals of the sport of volleyball. Our coaches will assist players in the development of all skills including: serving, setting, defense, hitting, and first contact. While there will be game-like situations throughout the program, this is not league play. There will not be any six versus six match play during Academy. We want each player to walk away with the knowledge to begin moving towards the next level in the sport of volleyball. The Precision Academy program will be offered at various levels for athletes.

  • Beginner: Players may be 5th grade to 7th grade (11u-13u), have zero years of experience with the sport of volleyball, have 1 year of school ball experience and/or 0-1 year of club volleyball experience, and have little to no knowledge of the basic rules of the sport. The Beginner Academy session moves at a slower pace to help players grasp a complete understanding of volleyball fundamentals. The tempo will gradually increase throughout this session, but it will not move fast.
  • Intermediate: Players may be 7th grade to 12th grade (13u-18u), have at minimum 2 years of school ball experience and/or 1 season of club volleyball experience, and have a solid understanding of the basic rules of volleyball. The Intermediate Academy session moves at a moderate tempo. Players will work on volleyball fundamentals, increasing their volleyball IQ, and overall skill growth.
  • Advanced: Players may be 9th grade through early college (15u - approx. 20), have at minimum 3 years of school ball experience or 2 seasons of club volleyball experience, and have a good understanding of the sport and volleyball rules. The Advanced Academy session moves at a faster tempo and works on the consistency of executing volleyball fundamentals while also working on advanced skills. 

All money paid to PAVC is nonrefundable/transferable within 24 hours of scheduled event. Two weeks’ notice is required for a full refund (minus applicable convenience fees), and a 1 week notice to receive transferrable credit to future events. Please contact Cara Martin ( with any questions. 


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