Fall Buds League 2023

2023 BUDS FALL LEAGUE $160--



Starting day September 18th go 6 weeks. Take off Oct 9th Finish October 30th
(Register Online or mail application & payment to PO BOX 1747, Mont Belvieu, 77580

WHO: For 4th-6th graders and 7th&8th grade B,C team players or if you didn't make a team.


EVALUATION DAY (and first day of league): Sept 18

  • Beginners are scheduled on Monday
  • Experience are scheduled on  Monday
  • WE may have to move beginners to Tuesday if space capacity is problem

Come join us for our Buds League. This league is designed to teach the basic fundamental skills needed to play the game of volleyball, by using unique teaching drills designed for the beginner and for those players with some experience. This is an 6 week program with 1 night of practice and drills and ending with competition.  A new skill will be introduced each week throughout the season. Players will be split into teams and will practice as a team.

The competition night is a blast, this allows players to use those skills taught in drills in a game like setting. We use our scoring as a tool to get the players to use the skills and be rewarded for their efforts. ALL players will play! Practice/playing days are all on one night.  This year we will have a beginner and intermediate group. After evaluation is when you will be placed in the correct group. It is not done by age it is by skills.

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Week One- Evaluation with skill training

Week Two -2hours of practice no competition

Week Three- 2 hours of practice no competition

Week 4 - 2 hours of practice no competition

Week 5 - 2 hours of practice, no competition

Week 6-   Competition Night


The schedule will be practice from 6-7:45 first 5 week, and 6th week competition.


 Each week the staff will teach the skills and perform drills for the players  with their team.

All players do not learn at the same pace, our program is designed to not leave anybody behind, we will work with your player until they get it. We want your players to get the foundation and skills needed to advance their volleyball career in club, school and who knows from there.

$20 discount for 2nd child living in same household!!

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