Blossoms Club 2023-2024


We are having one long session this year of Blossoms club December- April 14th

This is a developmental volleyball program for girls and boys grades 3rd 4th, 5th,  and 6th!  Adding 7th-9th grade!


Blossoms Club is a developmental club. This program is geared toward all skill levels within the 3rd -8th  grade age groups. It is a great starting point for girls that want to get started in Volleyball early but not be as competitive as Select Club ball.

Blossoms for 6th grade and under will use lower nets, lighter volleyballs, and begin the mastery of the FUNdamentals. 7th and 8th grade use regular size ball and regular net height.

Every player who signs up makes a team.  Each player’s skills will be evaluated before they are placed onto teams of similar abilities. Every team will have an assigned coach who will conduct practices to include skills training and team strategies. 

This year we are adding a developmental 7th and 8th grade team. These girls aren't quite ready for club ball but want to keep learning the game of Volleyball. Practice is one day a week like Blossoms with 2-3 tournaments.

One Session December-April 14th- $920

Deposit $275, 3 monthly payments of $215

Tentative Tournament dates Jan 21st, Feb 4th, March 3rd, and April 14th

Practice tentative is Monday Nights, Possibly Sunday afternoon.

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