Sand Volleyball Train & Play - Summer June/July 2023 Texas Tornados Training Facility (View Map)

Texas Tornados Volleyball Sand Training

 Summer June/July 2023

For more information contact Jerrick Cabrales: Cell:(626) 549-8685

Location: Texas Tornados Volleyball Sand Courts

Address: 8835 Wheat Cross Drive, Houston, TX 77095

Cost per season: $175 (5 Weeks)

 Dates: June/July 2023 - Tuesday’s/Thursday's -  5 Weeks

Tuesday/Thursday - June 15,20,22, July 4,6

Times/Age Groups:

  • 5:30pm - 7:00pm (13U Advance - 18U Advance)

  •  Train and play  **Teammate highly recommended


Texas Tornados beach training is designed to introduce interested beach players to the techniques of the game. Each coach will provide formal instruction along with demonstration of the drills and encourage you to train the proper techniques.

This challenging beach volleyball training will help you improve your game and also help you tone up. The program is designed to specifically target areas you must have to play the game and understand the rules. Beach volleyball training will make you a better player and have a greater love for the sport of volleyball.

Train/Play sessions will cover the following areas:

-          Understanding the game: Beach rules, Footwork, Conditioning, Communication, and Ball control

-          Skill Development: Setting, Passing, Hitting, and Volley

-          Winning the Game: Beach shots, Setter Hitter concepts, Doubles play (2vs2) 

 What is included:

  • 1.5hr training sessions

  • Coaches

What to Bring:

  • Player gear – Players will be required to wear training gear (shirt/tank and shorts/indoor bottoms)

  • Sunblock, Waters, Sports drink, and any other items you may need to protect you from the sun

  • Bring a Teammate that you would like to practice and play with.


Tournament fee is not included in your training program fees. Registration for tournaments will need to be paid separately by each team that is interested in competing.

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